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Jul. 18.

At Toad Song Farm, we strive to produce quality plants and hand crafted items to share with our community and at festivals throughout North Carolina and Virginia.  Special care is given to growing our edible plants naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals.  We specialize in herb plants, and have over 100 varieties of herbs available during any given season.   We also grow annual plants for the garden (both ornamental and edible), perennial plants, zonal geraniums, and hanging baskets.

During the growing season, we dry our herbs and make hand crafted items from the resources on our farm to share with our community – either on the farm or at the Clayton Farm and Community Market from April through October.  Items vary depending on the success of our crops and the available resources.  Items we produced to share during 2009 included:  dried herbs, all kinds of products made from lavender (baskets, wands, brooms, bath products), white sage smudge sticks, our special hot sauce, and herbal heat packs.  For 2010, we’ll added a larger variety of dried herbs, handmade paper, and baskets made of recycled paper bags.  In 2011 and 2012, we removed slower selling items from our inventory and expanded on the lavender products.  With all the rain for the spring of 2013, our supply of lavender and other herbs for drying is limited, so we have only made lavender products.  We are working on a fall vegetable garden, and are hoping to have a little produce available during our Harvest Faire celebration in November.